Friends with a common interest to capture, portray and dispense our heritage through exhibitions, slide shows and on internet the richness and diversity of our vibrant culture, people their ethnicity, traditions, customs and festivals, village life, urban life, landscapes, moods of nature in various seasons, wildlife, birds, Insects, flora and fauna along the length and breadth of our country came together and founded a group called FOCI (Friends of colourful India).

They are experts and well established professionals from diverse walks of life with common passion - ardent nature lovers. Photographers who captured the Sky from Helicopter, created beautiful portraits, sailed on the Sea in a small boat to capture the Forts along the coastal Maharashtra, Mountaineers scaling the great heights and Trekkers exploring the difficult terrains with lot of love and enthusiasm to capture the beautiful vibrant colours of India. Many are artistes from Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai.

They are devoted to nature conservation and many times in a year cover great distances on Motorbikes to study and capture birds, wild life, flora n fauna and nature in its splendid colours and hues. Although at least two long tours in year but weekend excursions are always on.



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